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What is caviar? Salty eggs extracted from certain kinds of fish, such as salmon. It is considered as one of the most expensive, beneficial and splendid foods in the world and it is used in cosmetics for its caviar anti aging properties. Caviar Anti Aging benefits Caviar anti aging has many remedial benefits. It helps produce anti-ageing agents. The antioxidants in the caviar lift the skin and eliminate the fine lines that appear on the face. It also helps unifying skin color,

What are wrinkles? Wrinkles are the visual outcome of aging. There are three types of wrinkles. These are fold, creases and ridges. After the age of 20, our skin starts the process of becoming older. Many factors affect positively or negatively the rate of aging and these are presented in our infographic as shown below. With Caviar of Switzerland complete skin care set you can win the fight against wrinkles! Our initial reaction to the appearance of our first wrinkle is

Wrinkles are a part of getting older and part of our life. While we know to expect wrinkles as we get older, some of the battle has nothing to do with age. Your beauty routines and habits can impact wrinkling as well. How to prevent forehead wrinkles? See the bad habits that affect your skin's aging process so you can cut them out ASAP. How to prevent forehead wrinkles? Stop Smoking! Smoking is the most common cause of wrinkles. "There have been

How to get smooth skin? The skin of the body is vulnerable to external factors, especially when the temperature "falls". Lipid-deficient, it is more prone to dryness and dehydration, while it lacks sebaceous glands that offer a natural shield of protection. Although using a moisturizer will help keep it soft, it will not completely solve the problem. You should therefore adjust the routine of your daily care. Instead of the usual regimes, we chose to present the most important secrets about hydrating your skin,

To have a healthy and glowing skin is every woman's wish. Some of us have that glow without much work and others need to go just a bit further to ensure they maintain a healthy skin. There are many things that can be done to improve the look and condition of the skin but here are the 5 most essential and easy beauty tips for glowing skin that would make the world of a difference: 5 Essential Beauty Tips For Glowing

Healthy and shiny skin is the result of many factors and among them, nutrition plays an important role. There are foods that re good for the skin and there are foods bad for skin. Our dietary choices can significantly affect not only our health but our skin, and therefore we should choose foods that keep our skin healthy. See below the three foods bad for skin and try to restrict them if you want to have a shiny and youthful skin.   Foods Bad

When it comes to the skin care I pay a lot of attention on the good cosmetic products. I personally believe that if you wanna have a nice and nourished skin you need to start caring about the skin at the young age and treat it properly with the good products. You must not forget that the skin is the biggest organ and it is the reflection of your lifestyle. Once the skin is damaged it is not easy to

Is caviar extract working on skin? – Our ingredients Caviar of Switzerland: What is the role of caviar in cosmetic products? The illusion of caviar being for the “rich” has existed for many years now. Its use is now expanding in cosmetic products and a lot of questions are arising:   What is the role of Caviar in skincare products? Is it actually that expensive? Does it work? Is it legal? However, looking up the Internet for answers can be very misleading. Luckily, science is here for

Returning exhausted from work and all you want is a hot bath that will relax you. But did you know that this will "steal" some of your youth? Experts stress out that hot water causes vasodilation, creating spider veins and unsightly red spots on the skin. Is hot water bad for your skin? Spider veins are a predominantly female problem (it is estimated that 7 out of 10 women suffer from them), which indeed indicates your age, as it usually occurs

Foods high in collagen is a group of fibrous proteins found in all multicellular living beings and impart strength to connective tissues. Mammals contain about 20 different collagen genes which encode different forms of collagen. Collagens are the major proteins in the bone, tendon and skin. It is important to remember that our bodies are 28 different types of collagen. While the human body is constantly producing collagen to "replace" what is broken, around the age of 35, the production starts


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