Having caviar in all our products, allows our formulas to be enhanced with the luxury of nature, with the powerful and potent caviar, away from harmful chemicals and unhealthy substances. Caviar has a cell format similar to human skin and is known to provide unparalleled nourishment and mineralization of the skin. Like all eggs, Caviar is very rich in nutritious elements, including proteins, minerals, vitamins and lipids, among which there is a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Caviar Extract is uniquely structured to deliver these potent nutrients directly to the cellular level of the skin.


By providing an external source of DNA, caviar extract is an ideal additive to repair skin damage, as well as stimulate the metabolism of the skin cells. Purified caviar extract homogenates can modify the extracellular matrix milieu in aged skin and also beneficially affect mitochondrial function (energy producers).

  • Skin is nourished and vitaminized by a wealth of vitamins and minerals
  • The connecting tissue is restructured
  • The skin’s surface is smooth and re-texturized
  • The skin’s elasticity is improved and intensified
  • Dry skin is instantly drenched in moisture while imparting a natural matte complexion
  • Environmental skin damages are repaired
  • Skin is protected by strengthening its barrier function
  • The skin is pampered by deep and long-lasting moisture


Caviar extract is made of non-fertilized sturgeon eggs, sourced sustainably and with respect to nature. Originating from the Aquitaine region in France, the sturgeon, Acipenser Baerii, is bred under strict and controlled standards, to produce high-quality, refined French Caviar, with genuine expertise and craftsmanship. Precious extracts are obtained by the Swiss laboratory. It is certified by the Swiss government and approved by the Swiss veterinary services, as they help to protect endangered species and the environment.



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