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Every woman wants to have a beautiful skin, a smooth face and a glow that will give her invaluable self-confidence to look in the mirror and smile. The appearance and quality of the skin is much more important than everything else a woman does to takes care of her appearance because it is more substantial and prevents wrinkles in the future, but why should we never forget that a well taken care of skin reflects our attitude towards our self,

In this article we will examine and explain how to get rid of skin pores. Even when you do not use makeup products it is necessary to wash your face every night. In this way you eliminate dirt and toxins that accumulate throughout the day and then apply some Caviar of Switzerland moisturizer. Youthful and healthy skin is one of the main goals of women's beauty. Therefore, when looking at the mirror and observing that our skin's pores are dilated, we

One of the best habits you can have is to drink a glass of water every day on an empty stomach. For many it may not seem important but the truth is that when you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up it is more beneficial than any other time of the day. When you sleep, your body performs basic functions such as repairing damaged cells and internal cleaning, filtering toxins, preparing them for dispense. There

Small, simple steps in our daily grooming are enough to maintain the skin's good looks and texture, in spite of the passing time. Here re 10 glowing skin tips: 1. Insist on daily in-situ hydration Water is used by the kidneys to remove unnecessary substances and toxins from the body. When there are insufficient quantities, the kidneys fail to function properly, resulting in the accumulation of toxins, one of the main causes for the dull skin color. So take care of the

The skin of our face is extremely sensitive. At every age the skin has its needs and we need to take care of it thoroughly so as to delay the signs of aging. But how do we choose the right care products according to our age and condition of our skin? Here are our skin care tips according to your age. Our skin changes as the years go by. Every decade we have to adapt our care products to the new

How to shrink pores on face naturally? There are many reasons that skin pores can end up swollen and open. When we neglect to exfoliate, when we neglect to properly care for our skin, when we have inherited the problem, when we are exposed to the sun, when black spots appear, when we have poor nutrition and in many other ways that can result in a similar outcome. In the following article, we'll show you how to literally shrink pores

Does your skin react to certain products with redness, burning or itching? Do you have dry skin, itch or skin peeling when you are in specific environments? Do you often get hives and other irritations? The you should learn how to take care of sensitive skin! You are probably one of the millions of women with sensitive skin. In fact, more people claim to have a sensitive skin than normal: 69% of women and 64% of men feel they have sensitive skin.

The aging of the skin is effected by endogenous and exogenous factors. Endogenous aging are the skin changes due to time, that is directly related to the type of skin (e.g oily skin is more resistant) and heredity genes. It also has a direct relationship to hormones and it is significantly worsened during the perimenopausal period and menopause (a modern solution to help in this direction is the hormone replacement therapy). In general terms, unfortunately, for this type of aging,

Chapped lips are a problem that occurs to many people. Women's lips are an erogenous sign that makes a woman look sexy, more feminine and more charming depending on the lipstick that she has chosen. Unfortunately, the lips are a sensitive area, that us women should pay special attention if we do not want to suffer with various consequences such as chapped lips, dry lips, etc. Many women are often struggling with this problem and in many cases the situation

Dry skin often reacts with sensitivity to external factors, such as fragrances, cosmetics or sunlight. The cause lies in the structure and function of the various layers of the skin. However, in rare cases, skin diseases, such as neurodermatitis, may be responsible. What causes dry skin and are there any beauty tips for dry skin?   Characteristics of dry skin Dry skin is rough and locally peeled . It has less elasticity, it gives the feeling of pulling and is easily irritated. This occurs because of the lack of moisture


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