what type of skin do i have

Every woman wants to have a beautiful skin, a smooth face and a glow that will give her invaluable self-confidence to look in the mirror and smile. The appearance and quality of the skin is much more important than everything else a woman does to takes care of her appearance because it is more substantial and prevents wrinkles in the future, but why should we never forget that a well taken care of skin reflects our attitude towards our self, our femininity, and ultimately it’s what attracts others. A smooth skin carefully looked after does not require thousands of creams and masks and makeup, but mainly knowledge of our skin type and how to take care of it! So the main question here is “what type of skin do I have?”

What Type Of Skin Do I Have

characteristics of combination skin

1. Sensitive: Usually this type of skin is found in women with white skin and light-colored eyes. Sensitive skin reacts mainly to low temperatures and is intolerant to many ingredients in cosmetics. If you belong to this category, you know that your skin is particularly vulnerable and you definitely need care. You usually need the same treatment as dry skin, but you should be careful as the products you use should be extra hypoallergenic. Prefer a facial cleanser with aqueous activity and pH balancing. Test all creams by using them on the inside of your arm before using it on your face so you can rest assured that it will not cause you red marks due to an allergy.

beauty tips for dry skin

2. Dry: Dry skin is transparent, sensitive, with small vessels and pores, often peels while in areas like cheeks it has a rough texture. Do not use water to clean yourself but a good moisturizer without alcohol instead. Use moisturizing cream mostly at night and choose products rich in vitamins A and C.

How To Get Rid Of Skin Pores

3. Mixed: It is a normal skin with a tendency to grease in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and has a healthy color. It needs the care of a combination of dry or normal skincare with that of oily. The combination of the two types of care is not a waste of time because the skin is properly treated. Select a gentle soap with moisturizing agents to cleanse so as to avoid dryness in the T area. Use cream for normal skin in dry areas but not for the T area. For this you prefer a caviar serum.

characteristics of combination skin

4. Oily: The main characteristic of this type is the intense shine mainly on the nose, forehead and chin. It is easier to cope with the cold and it is intolerant to moisture and high heat. Oily skin vanishes makeup in just a few hours but it is good since it delays wrinkles. Be sure to keep the skin clean and choose a sponge cleanser. The moisturizing  cream should be oil free and make sure you peel at least twice a week.

how to get rid of dull skin

5. Combination-regular: It is the most tolerant skin, both at high and low temperatures. You do not need intensive care which without it doesn’t mean you are leaving it unattended since combination skin needs little attention. You need a light moisturizing cream morning and evening after a vitamin-rich cleansing.

Skin peeling

6. Dehydrated: It has a lack of moisture in its cells and looks dry (due to disturbance of the skin’s protective mantle, poor nutrition or inappropriate care). Its appearance is dull and sometimes it peels. It needs a nutritious serum to be spread under the morning cream. Lightly exfoliate once a week to remove dead cells. Do not use cleansing soaps, prefer a cleansing cream and a lotion without alcohol.


Meticulous cleaning and intensive care is the best gift for our skin everyday. But before we even begin, we need to know the answer to the question “what type of skin do I have?”. Knowledge about our skin type will guide us on which ingredients we need to have smooth skin, relief from sensitivity and dryness, softness and certainly a more appealing appearance.

It is a common phenomenon, a woman with the most beautiful physical characteristics to make a lesser impression if she haves a totally neglected skin, compared to a woman who cares for the health and aesthetics of her face.

The type of skin can change over time, hormonal changes, environmental conditions, and we only need to observe our face to find out what type we are in order to choose the right personalized care. But we must always ask the questions “what type of skin do I have?”.


Moisturize your skin from within. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and keep in mind that for every caffeinated drink (coffee, tea, cola, etc.) you should drink twice as much water. Above all, choose your cosmetics wisely. Caviar of Switzerland’s luxurious cosmetics line is ideal for any skin type, even for the most sensitive of skins!


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