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The skin of our face is extremely sensitive. At every age the skin has its needs and we need to take care of it thoroughly so as to delay the signs of aging. But how do we choose the right care products according to our age and condition of our skin? Here are our skin care tips according to your age.

Our skin changes as the years go by. Every decade we have to adapt our care products to the new needs of our skin.
In essence, what we need to do is to follow the basic skin care rules and adapt them to the needs of our skin (oily skin, wrinkles, relaxation etc.)

Take Care Of Our Skin Depending on Our Age

Here’s a brief guide to the most basic care rules for every decade of your life.


Skin Care Tips At The Age of 20

When we are 20 years old our skin shines. All we need is a good moisturizer because our skin is still tough and rich in collagen. In our twenties our skin is continuously renewed. Use a good moisturizer like the Caviar of Switzerland award winning 24h Regeneration Cream. With regard to cleansing, only a completely clean skin can welcome and take advantage of the benefits of the cream. Night cream is not necessary at this age, it is too early. No need to overload with skin care products. However, after 25, you can choose a light cream for the area around the eyes like our Intensive Eye Cream, best eye cream of 2016. It is the time when the first wrinkles appear in this area. If you have oily skin you can add a mask for deep cleansing, and if you have dry skin prefer a deep hydration mask.


In our twenties, the most important thing is to have good habits and clean our face every day, morning and evening.

Do not sleep with your face and your eyes dyed. The consequences will not be seen the next morning only on the pillow, they will appear on your face within the next fifteen to twenty years.

If you fall asleep with your makeup on, the skin looks dull in the morning because it does not breathe during the night, and if eye makeup is not removed, in the morning there will be bags under the eyes or marks of fatigue since during the night microparticles from the products passed through the skin.


Skin Care Tips At The Age of 30

After 30 years, cell metabolism begins to grow slower with what this entails. Our skin is not renewed so quickly and collagen production is beginning to decline. The first expression wrinkles make their appearance, while on dry skins we can observe the first signs of dehydration. Now is the time to start the proper anti-aging treatment to prevent the signs of time. Night cream is not necessary yet, you can avoid it. But what you should not miss is a good cream for the area around the eyes, an area extremely delicate.



Just as you care for your face, you need to care for your neck. Creams should also be placed on the neck area and spread out with a gentle massage. The neck is one of the first signs of age. Do not forget your neck!


Skin Care Tips At The Age of 40

mature skin

At 40 the lines of expression become more intense. Wrinkles are now visible on our face and appear no longer only around the eyes but also at the bottom of the face (corners of the mouth, throat). After 45 our skin becomes thinner and begins to lose elasticity. At this age we notice the first signs of relaxation. The need for anti-aging care is now imperative. We suggest an anti-aging set to suit your skin’s needs, which includes a day cream, an anti-aging serum and a rich eye cream with firming and refreshing action. Creams that are suitable at this age are richer and more moisturizing. This is because especially after a woman enters the climacteric phase, the skin begins to dehydrate more easily.

So, once a week, you can offer the necessary moisture to your face with a rich deep moisturizing mask. Your skin will be grateful to you.


Sun protection is essential. Do not forget to wear your sunscreen with a high protection index (over 30) every day, every time of the year even when outdoors it is cloudy.


Skin Care Tips After The Age of 50

With menopause, the woman’s skin changes texture, becomes thinner, more relaxed and produces less collagen. Cell renewal slows down while the skin becomes drier. At this age, the first spots on the skin appear. A rich cream with anti-aging and firming action, a miraculous serum with multiple action (hydration, relaxation, shine) moisturizing and regenerating cream for the night and a strengthening eye cream. An important role can be played by moisturizing and nutritional creams that can compensate for all the deficiencies of the skin.



Anti-wrinkle creams are suited to soften deep wrinkles that are already on your face. Anti-aging creams offer more complete care as they act against wrinkles and relaxation and aim at nourishing, moisturizing, rebuilding and tightening the skin.


Caviar of Switzerland Skin Care Tips

Anti-aging means sun protection. Take Care of the Skin Depending on your Age. The damaging effects of the sun on our skin are primarily attributable to ultraviolet radiation (UVA). More specifically, UVA rays that are emitted from the sun throughout the year, regardless of weather, outside temperature and clouds, penetrate our clothes, penetrate deep into the skin and affect its cells. UVA rays are responsible for the premature aging of the skin and for all that this involves: wrinkles, dehydration, relaxation. For this reason, it is necessary to use a sunscreen with a high level of protection daily. Do not restrict the use of facial sunscreen in the summer months or even worse during the holiday season. The sun is detrimental to our skin.


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