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The aging of the skin is effected by endogenous and exogenous factors. Endogenous aging are the skin changes due to time, that is directly related to the type of skin (e.g oily skin is more resistant) and heredity genes. It also has a direct relationship to hormones and it is significantly worsened during the perimenopausal period and menopause (a modern solution to help in this direction is the hormone replacement therapy). In general terms, unfortunately, for this type of aging, we can not do many things or know how to reverse aging skin caused by endogenous factors.

reverse aging

Exogenous aging is mainly due to solar (ultraviolet) radiation, which is confirmed by the premature aging of the skin of people who have sun exposure due to their profession such as farmers, fishermen, sports athletes, etc. Other aggravating factors that we should avoid are smoking (it alters the circulatory system at the level of circulation, causing vascular damage and accelerates aging because it increases the production of free radicals), stress, poor nutrition (in terms of limited consumption of sources of vitamins and trace elements such as fruits and vegetables), inadequate sleep, environmental pollution. Aged skin is rough, dull, thin, dehydrated and may show wrinkles, relaxation, brown spots and dilated vases.

How to reverse aging skin directly 

In modern times, promises to prevent and restore the deterioration of skin are abounding. Researchers, following intensive and scientifically-based studies, have provided significant products, methods, strategies and continuously evolving technology to address aging at a cellular level. What are the findings of how to reverse aging skin?

1. Photoprotection by ultraviolet radiation

It has to be done all year round using protective accessories (hat, sunglasses, a blouse and an umbrella on the beach) and effective sunscreen products for both UVA and UVB rays. Each type of skin needs special sunscreen (especially oily skins), and there are special infant and baby sunscreens with natural filters. It is recommended to reapply the product every 2-3 hours.

2. Moisturizing creams & cosmetics

Mild cases of dry skin require a moisturizer immediately after washing. Bath oils and moisturizing body creams should be applied after bathing. Vaseline, a component in many emulsions, creams and ointments, is a wonderful and very economical moisturizer that is used in cases of intense dryness of the skin on the body (e.g in friction areas such as elbows, knees and heels). More specialized products are creams containing resveratrol and caviar extract, substances designed to maintain skin moisture and remove free radicals thus acting as antioxidants. Most modern moisturizing creams contain hyaluronic acid. It is a highly hydrophilic molecule that can hold up to 20 times its weight! The use of this so successful anti-aging agent began with the treatments applied by dermatologists and was later applied to anti-aging creams. The most specialized dermatological pharmaceutical companies specializing in anti-aging like Caviar of Switzerland also offer special products such as moisturizing anti aging creams for application in the area around the eyes.

3. Local use of vitamins A, C, E

Vitamin A and its derivatives (retinoids, tretinoin) is the most valuable vitamin in the field of anti aging in the last twenty years because it simultaneously enhances the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans by fibroblasts, normalizes the division and maturation of skin cells, contributes to seborrheic regulation, regulates melanogenesis and normalizes mittances, providing anti-tumor protection. These creams belong to the category of drugs and should be given only on prescription and guidance.

Vitamin C enhances collagen production and is characterized by its strong antioxidant action. In addition to its dietary intake, 5% or 10% concentrated vitamin C formulations for topical use (spreading) on the face are available.

Vitamin E also has antioxidant action. Vitamin capsules can be used both topically, but it is preferable to take them at midday with our meal (it is a fat-soluble vitamin)

4. Fruit acid creams – chemical peels

Their use is aimed at removing dead cells on a daily basis, but also in enhancing skin hydration. They are classified into three categories:

(a) A-hydroxy acids (AHA-s), the main agent being fruit acids, mainly sugar cane

(b) B-hydroxy acids (BHA-s), such as salicylic acid

(c) polyhydroxy acids.

5. Creams with agents for melanogenesis

Such agents are hydroquinone, colic acid, phytic acid and arbutine. They regulate melanogenesis and contribute to the elimination of skin discolorations that result from sun exposure in combination with heredity characteristics or pregnancy.

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How to reverse aging skin indirectly

When the above simple solutions to reverse aging skin, that can be applied by anyone at home are not enough or we ask for something more, then we must consider changing certain things in our lifestyle. Millions of people all over the world spend incredible amounts to get rid of the inevitable signs of time. But it’s not only time that causes wrinkles but also many bad habits that if you cut off, in due time, you will help your skin stay fresh and healthy for longer.

The aging delay of 10 years is feasible and can be achieved if you change your lifestyle. So here is how to reverse aging skin by making simple changes.

1. Cut back on sugar

A diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates derived from foods such as bread, rice and potatoes cause the process of glycosylation in the blood. Glucose attaches to all blood proteins and creates structures that can damage cell function and accelerate aging. When glycosylation occurs in collagen, it damages both the collagen and the cells that produce it. The final consequence is to stimulate the aging process and reduce the elasticity of the skin. This is the foundation for wrinkles and skin aging.

2. Reduce alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and leads to pallor, deepening of wrinkles and dryness. Just two glasses of wine a day can make your face look more aged. Alcohol occupies the place of essential proteins and prevents the absorption and storage of vitamins. The result is that people who consume alcohol frequently need a lot more vitamins than those who do not consume alcohol. When you want to drink, avoid cocktails that contain high amounts of sugar and salt in addition to alcohol and prefer beer containing antioxidants and B complex vitamins such as niacin and folic acid or red wine containing the resveratrol anti aging compound.

3. Sleep well

One of the most important tips of how to reverse aging skin. Sleeplessness causes dark circles around the eyes and dull skin. In addition, during the day, skin cells fight against the damage caused by solar radiation and pollutants in the environment. Sleep is vital because stress hormones are at normal levels at night and give the cells time to renew. An eight-hour sleep in the evening is the ideal antidote to the stress of everyday life and keeps your skin youthful for longer.

4. Avoid fast diets

Diets that cause abrupt weight loss, especially after the age of 30, have the effect of losing the natural fat of the face and giving the skin a rough and tired look.

5. Do not scratch your pimples

If you scrape and break pimples you can cause infection and scarring on the skin. Hormonal changes may be responsible for acne problems even for women over 40 years of age. So do not irritate your skin. Use the appropriate facial cleanser and soak your skin once a day.

6. Always remove makeup

As tired as you are, especially after a night out, remember that there is nothing worse for the skin’s health than sleeping with makeup. Makeup products, combined with atmospheric pollutants and environmental toxins, clog up skin pores and alter its texture.

7. Avoid applying a large number of cosmetics

The more skin care products you use, the higher the risk of skin irritation. Use the essentials and do not mix all the products together. To reverse aging skin, Caviar of Switzerland’s complete set offers the best solution. It is the perfect combination of products and all you would need for your skin care regimen.

8. Avoid the sun

Solar radiation is the main cause of aging. Harmful sun rays are more dangerous in the summer and can even penetrate the interior of buildings through windows, so you must be protected even when you work in enclosed environments.

9. Put exercise into your life

Even moderate exercise intensity improves circulation and strengthens the immune system. This in turn gives your skin a more youthful look.

10. Reduce smoking

Even if you can not stop completely, try limiting it to five cigarettes a day. If you do, you will see an improvement in the look of your skin immediately.


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