From Prototypes To Products

Research & Development

Innovation requires an experimental mindset

Our policy was to spread globally and expose the brand to new consumers and new markets. Our only tool in this case was the principles stated above. The main focus during our development was to retain the quality of the products as well as continue improving and researching new innovative ideas, while expanding.


Caviar of Switzerland started with 3 main items. These were enough to proof the high quality of the brand and the professionalism and trustworthiness of the people behind it. Unlike most companies, we do not rush into launching new products without a solid plan and foundation. Instead, each product to be added is undergoing detailed research to ensure that it has a lot to offer to the consumer and it is not just another insignificant addition to the market.


Therefore, for the past 4 years we are carrying out research and development of new products ready to launch as soon as the conditions are right. Currently we have 2 new products about to launch: The Three in One (Cleanser/Toner/Makeup remover). The Three in One product is indeed a great addition to the line, with the main ingredients being the micellar water and caviar, and we look forward to launching it as soon as possible. The other one is individual Face masks. Sachets with special cloth impregnated with Caviar extracts and other Elite ingredients.


Overall, we have several other products ready, with one of them being the neck cream. This is an essential product for women, however it is rarely found the market as a separate specialized product. In Europe most women cover their necks due to the fact that it appears to be the weakest aspect of the skin, which also reflects aging. It is therefore our role to contribute in improving this aspect with out product.


To conclude, our plans are clear. There is no doubt that we are ready to launch a number of great products once we start our collaboration and by the end of the year, our inventory will reach 8 SKUs (Items).


For the last 3 years we worked in developing some new lines. The main one, which we expect to launch as soon as we complete the current line, is our Diamond line. The main active ingredient will be diamond powder and gold peptides, plus additional elite ingredients (to be revealed later on).


Finally, we would like to state that the process of expanding our line and introducing new brands is always accompanied by the needs and opinions of our partners. We are therefore looking forward to building a strong and successful collaboration with you, that will take over and transition the market of cosmetics.



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