Our History

It was founded by Mr P. Hadjichambis who had a wide and extensive Global business experience. We have been involved in the cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals for several years before creating our own Caviar line and placing the foundations for new lines, which are under way.


During this period we have been in direct contact with thousands of consumers and had in-depth knowledge of their requirements, with always having in mind the details that make the difference.


We knew what it would take to convert a cosmetic product into a real stand out beauty product. We simply set the target, which was simply to deliver tangible results. Our founder P. Hadjichambis, with the great help of PRINCE Michael Masalsky, one of the pioneers in the development of beauty products with the rare and luxurious sturgeon caviar, we have managed to develop this line and make it a great success.


This could only be achieved by using the elite of active ingredients, irrespective of costs and aim to create an affordable luxury! Our founder, a strong believer in SOD and Resveratrol, having seen all the studies and the actual results on skin, he insisted in combining these two ingredients, along with the rest of the elite ingredients and in such proportions so as to work in a Kung-Ho mode and synergy. We therefore take pride in using the best ingredients, focusing on those supported by strong studies, clinical trials and results.


Caviar of Switzerland was firstly designed as a three-product brand, entering a very competitive industry with the aim to stand out and deliver high quality, scientifically proven products that differ from the rest. Our innovative policy was based on five key factors:


1. Active Ingredients – effective on the cellular level.

2. Packaging – preserving and maintaining the quality of the product as well as reflecting the luxurious image of the content.

3. Manufacturing/Safety and Efficiency test facilities – to guarantee safety, purity and efficiency of the product.

4. Expansion and Deployment – Introducing the product to as many markets as possible while constantly developing innovative marketing ideas.

5. Pricing – Provide a high quality, affordable product to the costumers.


After compiling our requirements and selecting the ingredients organized in a highly synergistic mode, we joined forces with the best laboratory in Switzerland from the Geneva area and with the support of their scientist, our star was born, CAVIAR OF SWITZERLAND.