my skin looks old and dull

My skin looks old and dull! How old is your skin? Take the test to discover everything about your skin: from its actual age to its true needs!

Your daily habits, your diet, the hours you devote to sleeping and the sun exposure affect your skin and your overall health. The following quiz will help you evaluate your current situation and discover your real needs. My skin looks old and dull! How old is my skin?

When was the last time you smoked? 
a) Earlier today (+2 points)
b) One year ago (+1 point)
c) 10 years ago (0 points)
d) Never (0 points)

What do you remember from your summer vacation when you were young? 
a) I was sunbathing as long as it had sun! (+2 points)
b) My tanned skin took a beautiful, golden hue (+2 points)
c) I was not sitting very often on the beach or outside, but when I was doing that I always wore sunscreen. (-2 points)

Which of the following “scenarios” expresses you? 
a) I am a person of nature. I spend one or two hours a day outdoors (+2 points)
b) I’m locked in the office all week but weekends rarely find me at home. (+1 point)
c) If I’m not in the office or home I choose to visit museums or go to the cinema. (0 points)

my skin looks old and dull

Immediately after washing, you feel your skin…. 
a) Silky, smooth and soft, with a subtle glow (-1 points)
b) Smooth with minimal dryness, however it is relatively soft (0 points)
c) Like linen cloth: it has a roughness and a few fine wrinkles (+ 1 point)

How often do you use cream with sunscreen filters? 
a) Every day (-1 point)
b) Only when I’m going to be exposed to the sun for a few hours (0 points)
c) Never or rarely (+2 points)

Which colors are most common in your daily meals? 
a) Rainbow: tomatoes, salmon, oranges and lemon, lettuce and rocket. (-1 degree)
b) Natural (bread, rice, cereal, chicken) accompanied with some green, red or orange. (0 points)
c) Red with meat and white, such as potatoes, bread and sugar. (+2 points)

What do your acquaintances say when they meet your parents? 
a) “Your mother / your father looks so young / as young as if she/he were your sister!” (-1 points)
b) “My mother was older when she had me” (+1 point)
c) “Your grandmother Is so sweet”(+2 points)
d) “How nice this family look”(0 points)

What do you think when you hear the word “gym”? 
a) “Walking around the office counts as an exercise?” (+1 points)
b) “Was it time to leave the gym again?” (0 points)
c) “It is as necessary as my daily Breathing!”(-1 point)

Observe in the mirror your skin without makeup. What is the most appealing expression you say about yourself? 
a) I look lovely (-1 points)
b) My skin is not so neglected (0 points)
c) When did I start getting old? (+1 point)

What do you use to improve the look of your skin? 
a) Minimum concealer – I usually use it under the eyes (-1 point)
b) Moisturizing cream with color to cover and shine all over the face (0 points)
c) A layer covering the whole face (+1 degree)
d) I have a cosmetics factory: moisturizing creams, masks, a product that smoothens and prepares my skin, concealer, powder etc. (+2 points)


Gather the results and then add or remove that number from your age. For example, if you are 35 and the result is +3 then the age of your skin is 38 years old.

If the actual age of your skin is 20-29 You look younger. Your skin is in good condition, regenerates normally and renews with new healthy cells. Wherever you are, the right sunscreen has gotten well into your subconscious. Continue your current care to keep your skin healthy so that in future meetings with your classmates you do not have to…put a name tag on your shirt!

If the actual age of your skin is 30-39 Your appearance is thoughtful. The lines around your lips are thin and deep, the freckles are likely to become darker and your skin is not as smooth and hydrated as it used to be. It is best to treat your skin so that it looks younger and shinier by choosing the right care and the right products. Good news! You can still overcome the formation of deep wrinkles and signs from sun exposure with Caviar of Switzerland’s complete skin care set.

If the actual age of your skin is 40-49 My skin looks old and dull. Well your skin is visibly aged. Problems such as blurry, fine lines and brown spots (from unprotected sun exposure) are reversible. Try local treatments that repair damage, minimize wrinkles and discolor stains. In this way your skin will look smoother, it will produce more collagen so fine lines and wrinkles will become less noticeable.

If the actual age of your skin is 50+ My skin looks old and dull. The skin never forgets. It reminds you every time of your past, like when you were in the sun without sunscreen. After all, prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as sunburn, contribute significantly to premature aging. Unfortunately you can not go back in time. However, there is still hope to save the situation: there are more active therapies that smoothen the skin, lighten the spots, soften the wrinkles, remove the years and wipe out the bad signs of sun exposure.


My skin looks old and dull! Now you know why!




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