Gold, diamond, pearl, caviar, skincare creams are adorned with high-end ingredients with supposedly saving virtues for our skin. Myth or reality ? We found out.

“After a lot of hesitation, I finally fell in love with a caviar-based 24h Regenerating face cream from Caviar of Switzerland” says Valeria, 42. “A madness I do not regret, my skin has never been so beautiful.” Real efficacy or placebo effect? In any case, these luxurious ingredients offer dreams and invite the awakening of the senses. As we know, in cosmetics these are just as important as efficiency. But beyond the dream part, what are the beauty assets of these cosmetics based on this precious ingredient?

Caviar, a luxurious anti-wrinkle
When we talk about caviar treatments, we immediately think of the very high-end brand Caviar of Switzerland, which is expert in using these precious little eggs. Dr. Gérard Redziniak, PhD in Molecular Biophysicochemistry explains: “Caviar extract is a fabulous ingredient because in sturgeon eggs there are all the constituents of life, bringing to the skin everything it needs. To be well nourished: essential fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins”. Assets that make caviar a valuable anti-aging ally to strengthen the skin and give it more firmness.

Rich source of proteins, vitamins and trace elements. The true “fountain of youth” for your skin, guaranteeing a  complete care regimen. Provides essential help to skin cells to fight against aging. Acts by revitalizing the natural renewal of your skin. Effectively fights against free-radical, improves microcirculation and strengthens the relaxations. The effect, your skin regains its natural elasticity, it is visibly firmer, the natural hydration process is activated and thus permanently maintains its water balance.

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