how to reduce oily skin

Of all skin types, oily skin and combination skin are the the most difficult, but there are ways to improve its appearance. But before you consider the available options, you should stop making some basic mistakes that all (or most) women make that have oily skin. Identify them and stop today. So here is how to reduce oily skin with 6 simple steps:


How to reduce oily skin

1. You are using acne products in the wrong way

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Products for acne dry the skin and while you may think that this is what your oily skin needs, here is a revelation that will shock you: IT DOES NOT NEED IT. By removing the natural oils of the skin from the whole face, intensifies the problem. The solution, just don’t use active treatments for acne everywhere. Restrict yourself to localized cures for pimples and choose a facial cleanser with salicylic acid that is mild enough for everyday use. Remember to use your Caviar of Switzerland cosmetics in your daily routine just like a professional spa!



2. You do not change pillowcase often enough

You did not expect this one right? But it makes sense if you think about it. Oily skin and germs from your skin (especially if you have pimples in a flare) are transported to your pillowcase and then go to and from your face every night. So invest in a lot of pillowcases (not expensive) and change them very often. You will see a big difference, promise.



3. Eat less dairy products

You may have heard it, but you did not pay enough attention to it. You see, chocolate is the number one cause of oiliness and pimples but it is not only the one at fault. Consuming many cheeses, milk, yoghurts and other dairy products may be the reason your skin secretes more sebum and you get more pimples. Cut them completely for a while and see if your body eventually reacts to this eating group. If it reacts then you should limit them forever.



4. You do not keep your pores clean

How to reduce oily skin? Start cleansing! Daily facial washing is not enough to thoroughly clean your skin. You need regular visits to a professional for cleansing and this will help your skin breathe on the one hand and your products to act better on the other. If you have oily skin and active acne, then visits to the aesthetician or dermatologist are important for regular cleansing. Here are 7 easy steps on how to get rid of skin pores.



5. You omit using sunscreen

We know, we know, we know: our skin with sunscreen is so greasy that you can not stand it. You also find that – mostly summer – the sun is good for your pimples…You are wrong and the sunscreen has to become your best friend. The sun improves the appearance of acne on a temporary basis which later recurs and leaves more scars. Yes, because of the sun. So choose a sunscreen for oily skin (there are many) and in the summer you do not leave without it. In the winter though? And in the winter you need protection naturally and you can find it in creams that do everything and have a high SPF.


6. Stop touching your skin

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You should stop touching your face with your hands whenever you feel it greasy, rub it with napkins and mostly break pimples. The second one is addictive, but we know we can not emphasize enough how wrong it is to burst pimples. Because we know that sometimes it is impossible to wait for the pimple to make its cycle, we suggest that you break it down. Soften your skin with some warm water and burst it with two cotton swabs, pressing very lightly. Finishing off, do not forget to treat locally the pimple and if you burst it DO NOT put a concealer on top. For oiliness now, invest in some blotting papers and do not rub your face with your hands.

Now that you have learned how to reduce oily skin start making changes in your lifestyle!


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