how to get smooth skin

How to get smooth skin? The skin of the body is vulnerable to external factors, especially when the temperature “falls”. Lipid-deficient, it is more prone to dryness and dehydration, while it lacks sebaceous glands that offer a natural shield of protection. Although using a moisturizer will help keep it soft, it will not completely solve the problem. You should therefore adjust the routine of your daily care. Instead of the usual regimes, we chose to present the most important secrets about hydrating your skin, taking care of yourself in the bath through the beneficial effect of water, exfoliating, but also stimulating and well-being. In short, the complete care you have to offer to your body every day.

How to get smooth skin?

  is the most important care for soft, supple and durable skin. If you wish to know how to get smooth skin then the best answer is to moisturize! Use your Caviar of Switzerland 24h Regeneration Cream and get the smooth skin you always wanted.

2. With Hydration, it is not the quantity that counts but the quality. You do not have to use a large amount of cream thinking you will have a better effect. In fact, large amounts result in high water retention on the surface of the epidermis. In their attempt to contain water, the cells of the epidermis swell, at risk of breaking and releasing water, which then evaporates and leaves the skin dry.

3. Body creams usually have a higher percentage of protective oils than moisturizing lotions based on water, to  form an impermeable film that keeps moisture for a smooth supple skin. So choose winter creams or if your skin is very dry, moisturizing emulsions, nutritional creams and rich body butter will keep away the dryness and peeling. Hydrated skin is supple and smooth, maintains its elasticity and is more resilient to relaxation and stretch marks.

 miracles! You can put it on your body after the shower. You can also put it before you take a bath, getting into your bathtub full of water, relaxing and soaking for a few minutes and then rubbing with a cloth or sponge. Feel the velvety skin when you get out.

moisturizing cream because it feels cold on your skin? A little trick is to put a small amount of cream on one palm, cover it with the other and wait 1-2 minutes to warm up. Not only will it feel more pleasant on you, but it will also be absorbed better as suggested by Caviar of Switzerland.

Follow our advice, slightly modifying or enriching the treatments you undertake for your body in the bathroom. The goal? Learn how to get smooth skin and get better and visible results.

 be  to choose the classic soap bar, thinking that it dries or dehydrates the epidermis. Nowadays, soaps have a composition rich in moisturizing and softening ingredients that cleanse the skin while cleaning it.

 is definitely soothing on cold winter days. However, long stays in very hot water (over 15 minutes), can dry the skin.

 against cellulite never stops. Spend a few moments in your bath to massage troubled areas with a rough sponge. Massage increases blood circulation in these areas and promotes the elimination of toxins.

 true fan of shaving, but it creates irritation on your legs or the bikini area? Dissolve 2 aspirins in cold water, pour in some cotton washers or a soft cotton cloth and dab the irritated area. Aspirin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory ingredients, will instantly soothe irritation and give you a smooth supple skin.

5. Luxury…at home
Do not forget, every so often to pamper up your daily routine, giving you an air of luxury, as if you are in the best Spa. Your body will thank you!

 oils can relax or stimulate the senses, gently soften and care for the skin. Dissolve 10 drops of an oil of your preference in a full bath and immerse yourself.  Choose lavender for relaxation, sandalwood and neroli for moisturizing and rosewood for toning and wellness.

 about Cleopatra’s historic baths in milk? Feel like a queen, dissolving in your bathtub a small amount of milk powder. The milk has excellent moisturizing, cleansing and nutritional properties, leaving you with a glowing smooth supple skin.

 some aromatic herbs such as cinnamon and carnation, or slices of fresh fruit, such as orange or mandarin, in a gauze or tulle. Attach it to your tap so that water passes through it when you fill your bathtub.

6. Exfoliating
Regular exfoliation is beneficial to your skin as it removes dead cells and makes it look (and be!) healthy and shiny, while helping to fully absorb other care products.

 an exfoliating product that you like among the many textures and fragrances you find on the market and apply it to fresh skin with circular motions. If you have dry skin, it is better to avoid products with very thick grains.

 If you have sensitive skin, use cleaning cloths or a bath sponge. to gently rub your skin and gently remove the dead cells. You should rinse them thoroughly after each use and allow them to dry thoroughly.

● During the day, or even better in the morning, drink a glass of tepid water with a slice of lemon because it helps the body to eliminate the toxins.
● Water is a necessary factor for moisturizing your skin from the inside, but you also need to consume foods that help the body retain liquids and benefit the most. Such are olive oil and fatty fish, which are rich sources of fatty acids, as well as fruits and vegetables with a high content of vitamins C and E.
● Walk as much as you can. Put on your mp-3 player headphones, walk to school, stroll in the afternoon with your girlfriends, get down one stop before reaching your destination from a bus/subway, not only will this help you burn calories, but it will also help activate your metabolism and open your pores, leading to smooth supple skin.

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