how to get rid of forehead wrinkles

Youthful looking skin is the aim of most beauty regimens. That glow that happens when skin is healthy, smooth, and well-hydrated signals youth and vitality. Dry, flaky, skin, reddened skin and wrinkles all serve to make the skin look older and less vital. Those fine lines usually begin appearing on the forehead, around the corners of the eyes, along the lip line and at the edges of the mouth. In this article, we are going to talk about the “frown” lines that appear on the forehead – how to get rid of forehead wrinkles.

How to prevent forehead wrinkles

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles


You can go through your life without smiling, frowning, laughing or lifting your eyes in an attempt to ward off forehead wrinkles, but those fine lines will still happen. They happen to everyone. There are great ways to delay them though:

– Use a good sunscreen whenever you are outside. Sunscreens protect your skin from the aging effects caused by UV radiation.

– Wear sunglasses. Glare from the sun causes us to squint which helps cause frown lines and those fine lines around the eyes.

– Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and pollution every day.

– Drink water. Hydrating your body is important for all kinds of organs, including the biggest and most visible, you skin. Ensure that you get the equivalent of 8 glasses of water every day for the optimal health and resilience of your skin.

– Use a good quality face cream or serum. Keeping the skin hydrated with a face cream that supports collagen production even before those fine lines appear will help to ensure you avoid wrinkles for as long as possible.

– Look for resveratrol in your skin cream or serum. Resveratrol is recommended by dermatologists for its anti-oxidant activity and ability to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the pollution we are exposed to everyday. Even after those fine lines begin to appear, you can reduce the appearance of those lines by continuing to protect your skin with a sunscreen, washing your face with gentle cleansers, remaining hydrated and using a good quality face cream or serum.

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1. Sunscreen

Staying hydrated and keeping your skin clean with gentle skin cleansing products that are appropriate for your skin type, are important and so is sunscreen, which is often overlooked. Look for a sunscreen that is light and designed for the skin of your face. If you have sensitive skin, look for a sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as these are gentler on your skin than other chemicals found in some sunscreens. Even on overcast days and during winter, your skin is bombarded by UV radiation (sunlight) while outdoors. UV radiation breaks down deep skin tissue (collagen) that helps to keep your skin plumped up and free of wrinkles. Wearing a sunscreen helps block the radiation from reaching into your skin and damaging the cells, just like wearing sunglasses protects your eyes and the skin around your eyes from the harmful rays.

2. Collagen

Your skin is made from a number of materials but one of the most important is collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in your body – in your skin, hair, and nails. It is also found in your muscles, bones and other tissue. It’s literally everywhere – it has been described as “the glue” that holds all the other tissues in your body together. In your skin collagen is the protein responsible for the resilience of your skin, plumping up the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles. If we set the water in our skin aside, collagen is 75% of the mass of our skin. As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down and takes longer to be replaced, resulting in deepening lines and wrinkles. There is more and more research that show that using skin care products, like the Caviar of Switzerland line, that contain collagen or stimulate collagen production can help to improve our skin, promote the healing of wounds and delay the development of lines and wrinkles.

3. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is the answer to the question “how to get rid of forehead wrinkles”! is an anti-oxidant that can help to protect your skin from free-radicals that are damaging to the skin. It is found in the skin of red grapes, in red wine, mulberries and even peanuts. It can help to reduce inflammation (swelling) and it helps to expand the blood vessels in your skin. Not only is it an anti-oxidant but studies have shown that it can also make our skin firmer and more elastic, which is what makes it appear younger and helps it to resist wrinkling. The good news is that not only does resveratrol help to protect our skin from free-radicals but recent research has found that it is “photoprotective” which means it can help to protect our skin from UV light radiation. A skin cream or serum that contains resveratrol, will have some of the same protective properties as sunscreen and this is one of the main ingredients of our 24h Regenerating Cream as well as our Cellular Repair Serum.

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4. Hydration

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles? By staying hydrated of course! Doctors say that to stay properly hydrated, an average person should take in 8 glasses of water per day. Some doctors say that is 2 liters of water not including water from our food and other beverages while others disagree and say that we should get 2 liters including our food. Either way, drinking 2 liters of water or 8 glasses, in addition to our food, is not going to cause us harm, so go ahead and hydrate away. Your skin is made up of cells and cells are made up mostly of water. If you don’t have enough water, none of your cells will work their best. Experts say that dry skin is less resilient and more prone to wrinkles. Also, we lose a lot of water each day and that water needs to be replaced. Drinking a sufficient amount means that all your organs, including your skin, will be replenished.

Using a hydrating skin cream also helps to keep moisture in our skin and prevent it from drying out, which again helps to prevent it from aging prematurely. The bonus with good hydration is that it helps our body get rid of toxins as well, including toxins in the skin.

5. Sunglasses

One major tips on how to get rid of forehead wrinkles is to wear sunglasses! Using sunglasses that block UVA and UVB radiation is another layer of protection for our skin which will help it avoid wrinkling. Wear a good pair of sunglasses whenever you are outside during the day to give your skin protection but also to avoid squinting which causes forehead and eye wrinkles. Taking good care of your skin is the best protection against and remedy for wrinkles on your face, including “frown lines” on your forehead.

Hopefully you have learned how to get rid of forehead wrinkles!


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