how to get rid of dull skin

We all have days that we are tired or had a bad day, but to have permanently dull skin is a pity. There are many reasons why we might have dull skin but here are the 10 ways we can learn how to get rid of dull skin.

how to get rid of dull skin

How to get rid of dull skin


1. Stop using hot water

You may like to feel like you are in a sauna every time you take a bath but the hot water definitely does not do good to your skin. Especially if you use it everyday your skin becomes dry and therefore dull. Do yourself a favor and try to lower the temperature during your bath.

2. Have more sex

Endorphins that go along with sex (or even a fantasy) help increase collagen which makes your skin more elastic. Maybe you should finally read the “50 shades of gray”.

3. Stop using many cosmetics on your skin

You need to spend weeks so that a new beauty product is effective. Conversely, if you constantly change products, this can cause problems to your skin. Give a good opportunity to your products to do their job and make sure you are very careful when you buy new ones. Caviar of Switzerland luxurious complete set is all you need!

4. Don’t misuse alcohol and smoking¬†

Try to say no to this last drink to your friends. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and makes the face dull. The same is true for smoking.

5. Do not exfoliate with thick grainy creams

Did you know that in the past they used thick salt for tattoo removal? From this only you understand that it is not the best for your skin.

6. Do not eat so many sweets

Put down the chocolate and you will see the difference. That large amount of sugar can destroy the collagen that is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Besides, chocolate and sweets in general, are other foods that you should not eat too often, such as potatoes, pasta and bread. Prefer foods rich in omega-3 fat, antioxidants and vitamin C.

7. You do not exercise? Join a gym now!

A few hours a week at the gym can make your skin very good. Exercise increases blood circulation giving your skin a shine. Sweating also helps eliminate toxins from your body. Just make sure you wash before and after the gym so you do not have acne problems.

8. Try not to sleep on cotton

It does not do anything bad to sleep on cotton but because of its soft fibers the silk is considered to be much better for your hair and face. Its soft fabric also helps to keep your skin hydrated.

9. Always use sunscreen

Summer may end slowly but a sunscreen is necessary even in the winter. Put sunscreen on your face, neck and hands winter or summer to have a better skin. How to get rid of dull skin? This is the most important tip.

10. Pay the dermatologist a visit every now and then

Your parents taught you to go to the doctor and the dentist often, but did they talk to you about the dermatologist? Even women who do not have acne can benefit from professional help. Dermatologists can save your skin from damage that is not visible to the naked eye.

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