glowing skin tips

Small, simple steps in our daily grooming are enough to maintain the skin’s good looks and texture, in spite of the passing time. Here re 10 glowing skin tips:

glowing skin tips

1. Insist on daily in-situ hydration

Water is used by the kidneys to remove unnecessary substances and toxins from the body. When there are insufficient quantities, the kidneys fail to function properly, resulting in the accumulation of toxins, one of the main causes for the dull skin color. So take care of the systematic drinking of water during the day – and external hydration of the skin using Caviar of Switzerland moisturizer cream.

2. Use sunscreen as a day cream

Which means sunscreen protection is still a daily affair throughout the year. Apply the product at least twenty minutes before leaving the house and make sure you do not forget your ears, neck and hands.

3. Do not neglect cleansing.

At the threshold of fifty, the skin is, in most cases, drier. So choose formulations that ensure at the same time moisturizing and make-up remover. Start cleansing from the base of the neck and continue with gentle, circular and upward movements.

4. The need for exfoliation is now imperative

Over the course of 28 days, as long as the cellular metabolism lasts , it gradually increases, resulting in dead cells remaining longer in the surface layer and giving a dull color and rough texture to the mature skin. The solution to the above problem is given by the exfoliation, which can be done twice a week. Ideally, you prefer evening hours and combine exfoliation with intensive skin hydration thanks to night care masks.

5. The area around the eyes always requires special treatment

If you think that the already delicate skin at this point becomes even more subtle and transparent due to biological aging, it is easy to understand why eye care should be systematic in the morning and in the evening no matter how many years pass.

6. Wash face with lukewarm water 

High temperatures dehydrate the skin, making it more vulnerable to signs of time. So take care to set the water at moderate temperature to cool.

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7. Do not let the lips reveal the age

The lips, especially the area between the nose and the upper lip, are the second point of the face – after the eyes – in which the skin is thinner, so the signs of time are imprinted quite early. Hydration is also the most basic care that instantly softens them, but in the long run it effectively protects them by creating a natural shield from daily, environmental attacks.

8. Be carefully with your moves

Make sure they are soft, in a circular and upward motion both in the daily application of the products and in the make-up application. While washing, gently tap the towel on your face without rubbing it. This is one of the most important glowing skin tips as it is a daily procedure that saves the skin.

9. Massage as a daily exercise

Bring to mind the image of your skin after a cosmetic treatment. Sleek, toned and shiny. The specialized movements in key points increase microcirculation, decongest and stimulate the skin. So it’s worth the effort to spend just a few minutes to make a gentle massage all over the face.

10. Make diet your ally

Diet is an important one of our glowing skin tips. Boost your daily diet with fruits, olive oil, green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean dairy products, reducing sugar and red meat respectively. While every morning, have a cup of green tea to remove toxins from the body.

Follow these 10 glowing skin tips and see a new you!


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