Do you desire to have a glowing and healthy looking face that attracts admirers as a result of its extraordinary perfection? Yes? Then you are in the right spot. On here we will be discussing a skin tightening facial exercise regime. This is a perfect way to tone and mold your facial muscles thereby making you look younger and healthy, it stops the skin from wrinkling and sagging. Performing facial exercises and doing facial yoga are natural ways to make your face appear younger by reducing wrinkles and firming the facial muscles. These are perfect exercises to do if you want skin tightening, it helps to create stronger muscles for a toned and much more confident appearance. There are up to fifty muscles in your face, exercising them offers added benefits for aiding eye strain and releasing facial and neck tension.

How to prevent forehead wrinkles

How to Stroke Wrinkles Right Out of Your Face

Our facial muscles require skin tightening exercises just like our bodies also require us to hit the gym to stay fit and healthy, the thing is facial muscle workouts work similarly to body muscles workouts. Below are some quick skin tightening exercises to keep your facial appearance looking healthy and young.

1. Leave your mouth wide open with your tongue sticking out for as long as you can.

2. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and try to hold them up for say five seconds.

3. Use your three middle fingers to press down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can with a view of raising your cheek muscles against your fingers.

4. Moving your nose from side to side as often as you can have the potential of increasing the beauty of your face too.

5. Raise your eyebrows a high as possible, then open your eyes as wide as you can and the frown simultaneously.

6. Pout your lips as a much as possible into the “O” shape, and then change your facial expression into a broad smile (repeat this as many times as you can).

7. Sit comfortably on a comfy chair and stare at the ceiling, pout your lips and then stick out your tongue for as long as possible in order to exercise the muscles on your neck.

There are numerous benefits to take advantage of when you exercise your facial muscles. Though you seldom hear anyone speaking about exercising your face, there is a surprising amount of information on facial exercising, or “facial yoga,” as referred to by many people. It makes complete sense, and a lot of people have testified to the awesomeness of exercising their faces to keep the facial muscles stay youthful and toned. Apparently, a person with the discipline, patience, and interest in performing facial workout programs on a daily basis may as well be much more likely to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, and this is undoubtedly a great way to ensure that you are aging as gracefully as possible.

A meal rich in veggies and fruits may chase away wrinkles by charging your skin’s natural defense mechanism against the ultraviolet rays of the sun for instance. Apparently, consuming plenty water is critical for healthier and better skin.

Anti Aging Fruits

Facial Exercises For Cheeks

The muscles connected to your cheeks are known as the Zygomatic Arch, via the different face workouts detailed on here, you will strengthen and tone your face and cheek.

The Cheek Flattener

This is a very detailed facial workout as it is known to work both your Orbicularis Oris muscle traced around your eyes and the Modiolus muscle on both sides of your lips. It also works your Zygomatic Arch muscle above your cheekbones, but who cares about the names, I just want to have a sexy and attractive face. This exercise is called the cheek flattener and it is the perfect way to maintain a younger look. Tightly shit your mouth and pump in air under your upper lips, before blowing the air out make sure you hold it in for ten seconds at least. Transfer the air to your left cheek and hold tightly for ten seconds. Repeat for the other cheeks and hold the air in for at least ten seconds. Repeat the whole process no less than ten times, and you will see instant results.

The “Blowfish”

This face exercise for cheeks is referred to as “the Blowfish”. The infamous blowfish acts to reduce the puffiness on your cheeks. It smothers them in a way that it forms lean angles by highlighting the zygomatic arch. The exercises for facial muscles aid to bring out and also define your impressive cheekbones. Fill your left cheek with air to its limit. Then open the left corner of your mouth and utilize the muscles of your left cheek to push the locked air out, then exert as much force outwards as possible. Switch sides and do it over and over with the right side of your face.

By doing these facial exercises for cheeks, your muscles can become contracted and thus your facial skin will also contract, giving you a nice smoother skin surface, which also reduces wrinkles.

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Smile as much as possible

Along with your facial exercises, regular smiling could aid to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Smiling could as well make you appear a lot more confident and relaxed and also help you reduce everyday stress levels.

Keep a clean face

Wash your face twice a day to get rid of impurities and also keep your skin crystal clear. Some skin care products like a simple cleanser and moisturizer will definitely help maintain a clean and clear face.

Eat healthy and well for stronger facial skin

A part of facial workouts that helps to tighten your skin for a stronger and younger look is to boost the skin on your face, thus you would need to manage your diets very well. Consume foods rich in vitamin A as well as omega 3 fatty acids. This will aid in keeping your skin clear and face muscles well developed.
Some great meals for your face include dark colored and leafy vegetables and fruits like apricots, carrots, spinach, blueberries and tomatoes, peas, beans, lentils. Furthermore, a diet of fatty fish like mackerel and salmon, garlic, and dark chocolate will be beneficial to your skin. Meals high in refined or processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats will prompt aging on your skin, so be very careful when you eat them.

Shield your face from the sun

The sun could effortlessly destroy your skin if you are not careful and conscious about it. It could also contribute to the faster aging of your facial skin. Avoid being outside your house during peak hours (10 am to 2 pm), wear clothes that cover most parts of your body and rub sunscreen all over your exposed skin.


Do not forget that ensuring that you are adequately hydrated will also help in fighting wrinkles just because your skin will be more elastic and plump. So, there you have it! A whole lot of things you could do to ward off the signs of time on your face, without resorting to invasive and dangerous surgical procedures and with as simple as a few facial exercises.


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