Whether you choose the wrong water temperature or the wrong product, dermatologists analyze the most common mistakes made when washing our face. Do you do it too?

Washing your face sounds pretty simple, right? However, the techniques and products you choose make a big difference in how well you will cleanse your face from dirt, pollutants and make up. We asked a few dermatologists to tell us the most common mistakes we make.

1-The water is very hot

You may feel good pouring hot water on your face, but did you know that temperature plays a role in proper cleansing? Dermatologists explain that hot water can dry out the skin as it removes natural oils. It also increases redness on sensitive skin and causes flare-ups. Lukewarm water is recommended for washing your face. If you still want the relief offered by hot water, try an herbal steam instead.

2-You overdo it by rubbing

Cleaning the dead cells and removing them may help to brighten your face, but excessive rubbing can damage the outer layer of the skin. Dermatologists explain that excessive friction leads to redness of the skin and dullness. A very gentle exfoliation can be done periodically every now and then.

3-You do not remove all of your makeup

This mistake is common if you wear makeup. If you do not remove the makeup properly this will lead to clogging of the pores. Double cleansing will help you remove everything. We suggest using the Micellar Water All-in-one Cleanser, it is both a cleanser and a toner, a gentle product that will help cleanse and firm the skin as well as remove any redness.

4-You wash very often

Frequent washing of the face can damage the protective layer of the skin. This in turn affects how sensitive your skin will become to the environment, how well it will retain its moisture and whether it will delay the signs of aging. As a general rule, the face should be cleansed up to twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you exercise or work all day and need to wash your face then it is better to use micellar water or a very mild soap.

5-You are using the wrong type of cleaner

There are two reasons why the soap you use is not ideal for your face. The first is that the product is not made for your skin. For example, an unsuitable cleanser can remove natural oils from the skin and cause dryness or itching. The second reason is that you do not use the right product for your skin type. For example, facial cleansers for teens are more aggressive than those suitable for more mature skin. Conversely, cleansers for older ages will not be effective on teens with severe acne and oily skin.

6-Your toner is very harsh

While a tonic with strong action can be very effective if used properly, its daily use can adversely affect your skin. When using a toner, a small amount is key. A few drops on cotton and a gentle passage over the face is enough. Then apply your 24h Regeneration Cream.

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