characteristics of combination skin

The skin of a person is identified as combination if in certain areas it appears oily and in others more dry. This particular type of skin varies from person to person. This is because its pores are like our fingerprints. They are never the same as someone else’s. Consequently, it needs vary every time because the pores have different behavior. For example, others are more irritated by peeling products, others produce more sebum in the summer months or throughout the year, and in some cases their condition is dependent on hormonal factors or environmental conditions. Yet, as complicated as it may sound, the care of combination skin can be a simple matter so you can have a glowing skin. All of Caviar of Switzerland products are suitable for combination skin. These are the 6 characteristics of combination skin:

Read carefully the following cases. You have combination skin if:

1. While using a mild cleanser, after 20 minutes you notice oiliness at specific places of the face and in others not.

2. When you apply a moisturizing cream to normal skin you feel your cheeks getting the moisture they need, but the T-Zone, i.e. forehead, nose, skull, remains greasy.

3. Pores in the area of ​​the nose are obviously more dilated than those in the cheekbones and the outline of the jaw.

4. Do you have dandruff? It’s not a rule, but often women with this dermatological problem of the scalp show a lot of dryness in some parts of the face, which puts them in the category of those with combination skin type.

5. At the same time, blackheads and dryness are observed on the face.

6. When it gets hot, the T-Zone shines much more than the rest of the skin.

Now you know the characteristics of combination skin!

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