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When it comes to skin care, there are many ways to ensure you are putting your best face forward. Aside from lifestyle choices like a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, having an effective skin care regime can help nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin. Using a high-quality moisturizer like the Caviar 24h Regeneration Cream helps keep the skin looking and feeling its best in numerous ways. The award-winning Swiss skin care line represents the very best of what skin care has to offer through its potential to help preserve, protect, and rejuvenate the face and d├ęcolletage.

Benefits Of Using A Skin Moisturizer

It is no coincidence that the 24h Regeneration Cream won the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques and Spa best product award twice. This caviar based moisturizer was also the recipient of the American 7th annual best products award and topped the list in many best anti-aging skin care product categories.

The most obvious benefit to using a skin moisturizer is that it prevents and treats dry skin, but it also does several other key things for the skin. It can protect sensitive skin from the daily exposure to environmental factors like sun, wind and pollutants. Using a high-quality cream can greatly improve the skin’s overall tone and texture, which helps minimize imperfections. An effective moisturizer also has the ability to hold water in the skin’s outermost dermal layer, acting as a temporary barrier for the skin.

When & How To Use A Skin Moisturizer

The first step towards moisturizing your skin is choosing an effective moisturizer with primary ingredients backed by research and development. The next step is knowing when and how to apply your moisturizer.

The best time to apply your moisturizer is right after a wash, bath, or shower; this is because the skin still has a layer of moisture on it, and when a moisturizer is applied, that layer of moisture provides extra hydration to be absorbed into the skin. The added moisture layer also helps ensure that the cream will deeply penetrate the skin’s surface.

After using a suitable skin cleanser on your face, it is important to follow up with your moisturizer to make the most of its potential and to lock in the cleansing ingredients on the skin’s surface.

Some also use their skin moisturizer as a protective base for their makeup as it can increase its longevity by holding the makeup on the skin.

How to Choose the Perfect Moisturizer

When it comes to selecting the ideal moisturizer to include into your skin care regime, there is not shortage of products on the market. While the choices can be overwhelming, looking for products that are known in the beauty industry is a good place to start. Product lines like Caviar of Switzerland has won numerous awards and accolades that put it at the top of the list in terms of quality and efficacy.

Putting some time into determining your skin type will also reveal the most suitable kind of moisturizer for your facial needs: normal, dry, oily, sensitive, aging. The variety of powerful ingredients that make up the Swiss Caviar line have something to benefit, enhance, and protect every skin type.

Caviar Extract

The signature caviar extract consists of non-fertilized sturgeon eggs and is extremely rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and lipids. This provides the skin with regenerative and protective properties that all skin types can benefit from.


Resveratrol is a powerful extract with anti-oxidant properties that provide protection from free radicals and environmental pollutants at a cellular level. The R&D Caviar team have also discovered that it has significant anti-inflammatory and skin-lightening potential.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium Hyaluronate packs the ultimate moisturizing punch while preserving the look of youthful, healthy, and supple skin.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

SOD is an enzyme with the powerful ability to repair cells and reduce damage caused by free radicals. SOD is a natural ingredient in the skin that plays a key role in the production of skin-building cells. This is especially important for damaged or aging skin as its antioxidant properties reduce inflammation and inhibit free radicals that cause wrinkles and show the effects of aging.

When it comes to caring for your skin, developing a healthy skin care regime is key to preserving the look and feel of healthy and supple youthful-looking skin. The primary ingredients in the Caviar of Switzerland skin care line work synergistically to ensure that the skin is fully hydrated, protected, rejuvenated, and preserved at a cellular level. Products like the Caviar moisturizer have won the best face cream award for encompassing a number of attributes from innovation to wellness, beauty and R&D. Take advantage of the benefits of using a powerful moisturizer and let it help you look and feel your best for as long as possible.

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