causes of pimples on face

What causes of pimples on face? This is why you are reading this article right? Nobody likes to have pimples on their face or the body, let alone when they suddenly appear without any warning. It is known that stress is usually the main factor that causes pimples “from nowhere”, but it is not the only reason. So what are the other causes of pimples on face?

9 Incredible Causes Of Pimples On Face

1. Your mobile phone

The problem: When you are out and touching your cell phone, let alone when you put it in your ear to talk on the phone, you carry all the germs that are on your hands to your face and it is very easy to get pimples.

The Solution: When you are out and want to get your phone, first disinfect your device with special cleaning wipes for devices or alternatively use only hands free when talking on the phone.

2. Deficiency of vitamin D

The problem: When vitamin D is absent from your body, it does not just mean that you are more susceptible to diseases, but also that your immune system is more vulnerable, causing bad bacteria to invade your body and pimples to appear on your skin.

The Solution: Our body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so one way is to stay in the sun for a few minutes each day. Another way is for you to take vitamin D dietary supplements or eat more fresh salmon.

3. Mineral elements contained in tap water

The problem: It is known that the metals contained in tap water oxidize the skin and mess with the pH levels of your skin. This results in the amino acid and lactic acid of your skin being affected, resulting in pimples.

The solution: Wash your face with bottled or filtered water. We know it’s tiring at the end of the day to have to wash your face apart from the rest of your body, but if it means having a clean and healthy skin then it is worth it.

4. You drink too much coffee

The Problem: Coffee contains substances that increase the acidity of your body, which results in your pH being deregulated, and thus inflammation is created in different areas of your skin.

The solution: Try to reduce the number of cups you have daily and put tea and natural juices in your life. And for the times when you feel that only a strong coffee can wake up, put a few drops of pH balance in your cup to balance pH levels in your body.

5. You do not sleep well

The problem: Whether you are sleeping watching TV, or you stare at Facebook and Instagram just as you lie down in bed, light distracts you from sleeping properly. Electromagnetic waves emitted from electrical devices can affect your organic clock and weaken your immune system. Less sleep more pimples, weaker immune system more pimples!

The solution: Do not use your cell phone just before you go to sleep and do not leave the TV open. If you want something to do before you sleep, read a book and you will see that it will relax and help you to calm down and eliminate all the pressure of the day. Drink a glass of hot tea with a little honey will also help you go to sleep. This will keep your body in a very good condition and your skin will be healthier.

6. You use heavy make up or base

The problem: One of the major causes of pimples on face is when you use heavy make up or base, you do not let your skin breathe. As a result, you create a problem in your skin pores and create pimples.

The Solution: Start using lighter products as a base to let your skin breathe, but if you want a product to cover-up, then you need to be careful to clean your face very well before and after you use it. In particular, wash it twice, with a cleansing oil to open the pores and then use your 24h Regeneration Cream by Caviar of Switzerland.

7. You consume a lot of sugar

The problem: By consuming too much sugar, you increase your body’s sugar levels, weakening your body’s natural collagen and your skin. Also, the yeast contained in bread creates bacteria in your body that directly affect your face.

The solution: Try to reduce the sweets or bread you consume and replace them with high-protein foods. Also, drink plenty of water on a daily basis to be hydrated continuously.

8. You change cosmetics too often

The problem: If you buy a moisturizer and you are not happy, do not rush to replace it. Do not forget that beauty products need at least two weeks to act and see results, so have a little patience. Changing them frequently causes a problem with your skin’s pH levels. Caviar of Switzerland products are specialized to keep the perfect pH balance for your skin.

The solution: If you want to quickly find out if a particular product fits well into your skin without causing you allergies or irritations, put it on your neck first. Generally, however, be patient for two weeks or more to see if a cosmetic is effective as your skin takes time to “get acquainted” with something new.

9. You use the wrong sunscreen

The problem: Exposure to the sun for a prolonged period of time is one of the common causes of pimples on face. If you have noticed that during the summer months, you get more pimples than you generally have, probably it is the sunscreen you are using.

The solution: If you have acne or a very sensitive skin, start using a good quality sunscreen, avoiding those with chemicals to avoid pimples while protecting your skin from the sun.

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