benefits of ice on face

They say that “our face is our treasure.” You may have your objections with the above statement, but there is no doubt that you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Ice treatment is a simple method to achieve this at the comfort of your home and without spending a small fortune. Putting ice on the skin and more specifically on your face is one of the most popular tips of modern beauty as it contributes to its better appearance since the benefits of ice on face are quite a few. This particular way of using ice has for many years been one of the most well-known and effective treatments in spas.

#1 For Smooth Skin

Every night or before going to sleep, try washing your face, fill a plastic bag with ice and gently massage your face and neck area for about 3 minutes. In a few days, you will have visible results, your skin will become fresh and smooth. Ice treatment also prevents wrinkles and helps you sleep better. Ice has the property of tightening the skin as well as shrinking enlarged pores.

#2 To Get Rid Of Acne

Using ice on the skin is one of the best ways to solve acne problems. Wash your face, wrap an ice cube on a clean soft cloth or towel and gently press on the pimple for 3-5 minutes. The results will surprise you.

#3 To Reduce Wrinkles

One of the most important benefits of ice on face is that it improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles. You can massage your face for about a minute each day before applying your moisturizer. Ensure that you always hydrate your skin with a good face cream and an excellent selection would be the 24h Regenerating Cream which will hydrate, detoxify and tighten your skin!

#4 To Fight Open Pores

Run an ice cube just over your face for 2 or 3 minutes. If you are consistent enough, you will notice that your expanded and open pores are shrinking within a few days.

#5 To Relieve Swollen Eyes

There are many reasons why your eyes may be swollen, but do not worry. Ice to the rescue! Wrap 2 ice cubes into a piece of cloth, place over closed eyes and massage gently the areas with inflammation for 2 minutes, performing slow circular movements.

#6 Fighting Belly Fat

Apart from your face, you can use ice on your body as well. If you can not afford a professional cryotherapy session, then you can try this at home. Place an ice pack on your belly for 15 minutes. Remove it for 3 minutes and repeat for one hour at most. You can use ice packs with tea, coffee and rosemary. The ice transforms white fat cells into brown fat cells, which can be burned with the metabolic process more easily and quickly. But remember, these trick will produce the best results if combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

#7 Excellent Makeup Primer

It is a natural toner for your skin and works very well when applied before using makeup. What it actually does is to shrink the pores under the makeup, making the foundation look smooth and flawless.

#8 It Reduces Swelling

Another property of ice is to contract the blood vessels so that less blood gets to the surface of the skin. This is very good if there is inflammation on the skin, as it can make it go away much faster than any other way.

#9 Reduces Spots and Pimples

Ice apart from swelling, reduces redness as well, so it is very effective for pimples. It also soothes irritations. You can use an ice cube once you notice that a new pimple appears, so you will slow the inflammation that starts. The best practice is to repeat the process every night.

How To Get The Full Benefits Of Ice On Face?

First you should clean your face very well. Then wrap one or two ice cubes in a piece of cloth, but try to avoid paper napkins. Now that the ice begins to melt and wets the fabric, you can apply it to your face. You should remember that in order to be effective this way you should apply it to different areas of the face for 1 to 2 minutes rather than having it fixed at one point. You should therefore move your cloth with soft circular movements, from the jaw to the cheeks, and along your forehead and nose. Of course you should pay particular attention to the area under the eyes that it displays the most problems. At the end you can put moisturizing cream to help your skin even more and rip the benefits of ice on face.

Safety Precautions

Always remember that cryotherapy is done on a clean face. Wear gloves to hold ice cubes. Therefore, this will protect your hands, especially if you are planning to give yourself a sufficient amount of time to work on your face. Do not use ice directly without covering it with a soft cloth or plastic bag when you massage your face. You can use ice cubes directly to reduce acne or swelling around the eyes. To avoid skin burns, never apply ice packs to your body for more than 1 hour. Finally, you can double the benefits of ice on face by adding cucumber, green tea or garlic.

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