benefits of drinking water for skin

Plenty of famous women say that water is the ultimate secret to a youthful appearance. But also many scientists confirm that there are benefits of drinking water for skin and water alone can help our skin stay youthful or regain its shine. While there is not much scientific research done on the benefits of water for the skin, the research done proves that water is good for our health and can even change the density of the skin.

benefits of drinking water for skin

Benefits of drinking water for skin

1. Drinking water on an empty stomach clears the large intestine, which makes it easier to absorb nutrients that benefit the skin.

2. It generates the production of new blood and muscle cells, which in turn promote a healthy skin.

3. It is necessary for weight loss. Drinking cold water as the first thing in the morning may speed up your metabolism.

4. Water helps remove toxins from the blood, making your skin glowing, clear and smooth.

5. It balances your lymphatic system. These glands help you to perform your daily functions, balance your body fluids, and fight infections. Skin infections are avoided like eczema and even acne.


According to research results published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 9.5 glasses of water per day can make a difference. After 4 weeks, the skin shows differences in its density while blood circulation to the skin is also drastically increased. As women’s health and dermatologist Rachel Nazarian affirms, “water makes a big difference in skin health. Without water the skin appears duller while wrinkles and pores are more intense.” Remember that using a high quality moisturizer is essential for your skins health and¬†Caviar of Switzerland 24h Regeneration Cream will provide the hydration that your skin so much needs.

Water and healthier eating habits can help us get a more youthful complexion, while bad choices can promote changes that do not flatter our skin, such as acne and redness. Experts say that water can make our skin appear brighter, but that does not mean it can wipe out wrinkles : “Hydrated skin reduces the appearance of problems, so if you stop drinking water the signs of aging will reappear” says Nazarian. According to scientists, 10 glasses per day, naturally distributed throughout the day are ideal for a shiny skin and a healthy body!


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