beauty tips for women

Whether you are 20, or have passed the first (or the second) phase of your life, there are some rules that you MUST always keep to maintain your skin healthy, youthful and equally glamorous every decade! And that’s not just us saying that, but a lot of dermatologists too. So we have gathered the 15 beauty tips for women you should do to take care of your skin properly:


1. Always cleanse your face thoroughly in the morning.


2. Choose mild cleansers that do not irritate the skin.


3. Before leaving the house, make sure you have your sunscreen, which you must apply before makeup.


4. Moisturize as much as needed depending on your skin type. Caviar of Switzerland can offer you the award winning 24h Regeneration Cream, voted best moisturizer of 2017!


5. Do not overdo it with peeling! Two to three times a week are enough, unless you have sensitive skin, so limit it to a couple of times a week.


6. Do not omit evening cleansing and, of course, makeup removal, as it can clog the pores and cause infection, irritation, and even acne.


7. If you decide to make a DIY face mask, prefer it with avocado or coconut oil that are one of the top natural moisturizers.


8. Pay attention to what you eat. Choose foods that are full of vitamins and beneficial substances for your skin.


9. Do not let the stress beat you. Fight it as long as you can!


10. Stay hydrated! Make water your essential ally for the good health of your skin. 8-10 glasses of water a day can make a difference.


11. To combat acne, keep in mind that many products can dry the skin, so try to compensate for the dryness they cause with your moisturizer.


12. Do not overdo it with invasive methods and procedures. Even if the first wrinkles appear. You do not need it!


13. Use products that enhance collagen production. Collagen contributes to the revitalization and internal repair of the skin, preserving it juvenile.


14. For your nightly beauty routine, apply a moisturizer after the serum.


15. Make sure you sleep well and right. The ideal is to sleep about 8 hours – and on yourback, with your head being slightly higher than your body.


Do not forget, each decade has its own advantages and every woman can be just as beautiful at all ages but it always helps to follow these beauty tips for women!


Remember these 15 beauty tips for women!


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