anti aging foods

Recent research shows that there are foods that can build muscles, benefit the brain, prevent wrinkles, strengthen the bones, benefit the heart and stimulate your immune system. There are anti aging foods and the best thing is that they might already be in our kitchen.

anti aging foods

No, there are no foods with magical qualities but there are foods with multiple beneficial ingredients, with antioxidants and with properties that can boost our health and anti aging goals. You can safely conceal your age and feel younger because of your good health and appearance. Try the following anti aging foods on a daily basis. Experts promise to give you youth…inside and out!


1. Kiwi: the fruit of youth
Together with bananas, kiwis are high in potassium, while rich in vitamin C and lutein, a carotenoid that can reduce the risk of heart disease. Put them on your diet and do not forget that their skin is eaten and even rich in nutrients. There are more fruits available with anti aging properties, so after reading this list of anti aging foods make sure you read the article
6 of the most effective anti aging fruits.


2. Rosemary: protection against a stroke
The carnosic acid found in this herb seems to reduce the risk of stroke by 40%, according to a study done in mice and published in the Journal of Neurochemistry. The reason is that carnosic acid activates the process that creates a “shield” in brain cells against free radicals, which can aggravate the effects of a stroke. An extra benefit for rosemary is also that it protects us against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, but also from the general effects of aging.


3. Almonds: nutrients and antioxidants

Another super-food from the list of anti aging foods. This energy-rich snack can shed bad (LDL) cholesterol but also be a good diet for diabetics, reducing blood sugar levels due to its plant sterols. Almonds are also rich in amino acids, which enhance testosterone levels and muscle growth, while they are high in vitamin E, which protects us from the harmful effects of the sun (about 20 almonds a day can increase our protection from UV rays). Plus, vitamin E is an antioxidant, so it keeps the arteries clean of dangerous free radicals, while helping to reduce the wear and tear of memory that has occurred over the years.


4. Flax seed: for healthy skin
Full of protein and fiber, these small seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which act effectively on the skin, wiping off the blotches and removing fine wrinkles. Also, according to a research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, about half a spoon of flax seed daily for 6 weeks can drive away irritations and redness of the skin and leave it hydrated. In addition to skin health, omega-3 fatty acids, as most people know, do good for the heart by dropping cholesterol, by consuming 20 grams of grains per day. One of the easiest anti aging foods to consume, try adding them to your salad, yogurt and oats on a systematic basis for best results.


5. Tuna: good for the heart

Your favorite tuna salad hides a small but extremely beneficial secret: Selenium. This nutrient helps protect the elastin, the protein that keeps the skin soft and tight. This antioxidant is also thought to prevent the creation of free radicals created by exposure to UV rays. Tuna is also a very good source of protein that does not contain any trans fats. Yet, its niacin does good for the heart, as it helps to lower cholesterol and process fat from your body. Good (HDL) cholesterol increases and lowers triglycerides more than statins (medicine used to reduce cholesterol).


6. Dried plums: keep osteoporosis away
Their reputation can be confined by many mainly in the treatment of constipation; in fact, however, dried plums are rich in copper, which acts against osteoporosis. They also contain the plant fiber called inulin and when cleaved by the intestinal bacteria, it creates a more acidic environment in the intestine, so that calcium absorption increases.


7. Pomegranate: the biblical fruit of good health

One of the best anti aging foods! The good luck that “chases” this fruit seems to be very much related to health issues. As research shows that it reduces the risk of most cancers due to its polyphenols called oleaginins and give the fruit its characteristic color. For men, it has 2 extra properties. It slows down the growth of prostate cancer cells, because it improves blood circulation. It can also act as an ancillary to erectile dysfunction. Has both antioxidant and anti aging properties.


8. Turmeric: a spice from India that works against dementia and cancer
Curcumin, a polyphenol that gives the specific scent and smell to this Indian spice, has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts against tumors. In addition, researchers at the University of California have found that turmeric prevents the accumulation of amyloid plaque in the brain, which may lead to Alzheimer’s over the years – and for that matter, in India, where turmeric is being used heavily, cases of senile dementia are much less compared to other countries. Try this spice with black pepper to boost its bioavailability 1000 times. Give your skin a more supple look and help in any dermatological conditions you might have.


9. Black beans: for better health

Although not very well known, black beans are super-beneficial to our health. According to a study, those who consume about 80 grams of black beans a day reduce the risk of heart attack by 38 %. Although all kinds of beans are good for the heart, black beans seem to be superior to stimulating the brain. The reason is their high content of anthocyanins, antioxidants that seem to improve brain function and skin appearance. They are rich in other nutrients, containing protein, good fat, folate, magnesium, B vitamins, potassium and fiber.


10. Oysters: for testosterone 
Oysters are generally an excellent source of calcium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, selenium and iodine. Their creamy flesh reveals another property as it increases testosterone levels and protects against prostate cancer. Oysters will provide the body with the minerals, nutrients and protein it needs. Protein is essential for tissue repair and with it the construction of new tissue is very beneficial for the skin.

Enjoy Caviar of Switzerland‘s top 10 anti aging foods list!


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