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An award winning anti-aging skin care line. Caviar of Switzerland is of Swiss make and Swiss quality, a luxurious set of cosmetics that will rejuvenate the skin, regenerate the epidermis and protect the face and neck from extrinsic environmental pollutants. Best Eye Cream of 2016 and Best Face Cream of 2017 are two of our major awards that simply show the excellence of these products.


We enjoy a long-term partnership with the worlds‘ leading creators, developers and producers of the most innovative and successful beauty products on the market. We have an enthusiastic team supporting us, from our marketing team, to our sales staff, enabling us to provide our clients with prompt and efficient service as well as novel products.


Our manufacturing partners a world renowned laboratory in the Swiss Riviera has a team of first-rate dermatologists and scientists known for their un-paralleled research and development in the field of skincare science.


Our novel cosmetic line, CAVIAR OF SWITZERLAND, values the customer and is committed to producing products that will make skin look younger and healthier, while offering the purity, quality and innovation that is synonymous with Switzerland.