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June 2019

We know that caviar is an expensive dish, which we enjoy in special occasions accompanied by fine French champagne. At the same time, however, caviar is a basic component of cosmetology as it has the magical ability to erase the signs of time from mature skins and restore their natural glow. About thirty years ago, particularly in 1983, cosmetology made the first acquaintance with caviar. Bassed in an investigation by Mrs. Erika Bauerpu, she demonstrated the beneficial effect of caviar on

Caviar in cosmetics provides hydration, nutrition, anti-aging and protective vitamins. It fights against aging and these luxurious little eggs are popular with stars like Angelina Jolie, who praised the benefits of anti-aging caviar creams to keep the skin in perfect condition. The benefits of caviar in cosmetics are considerable Caviar has the same vital substances as the skin such as magnesium, calcium, amino acids and omega-3. Thus, the hydrolipidic film of the skin is strengthened, its elasticity is maintained and the production

Ah, caviar! Savor a spoonful of the precious black gold for New Year's Eve? With pleasure. To fully cover your body and face with sturgeon eggs? Maybe not. Caprice for the stars or miracle products? An ingredient that has not finished surprising us! Caviar in cosmetics: The Origins Facial lifting or body sculpting treatment, caviar in cosmetics has been used for several decades in the formulation of luxurious skincare treatments with multiple results: radiance, vitality, anti-aging, conquered by the promise of a

The infusion of our skincare products with caviar, has been part of the brand's successful beauty formula for many years, improving the appearance of skin to give a more youthful, glowing and healthy look. The nutrients of caviar nourish, rebuild and revitalise the skin while helping to withstand external elements and ageing. Caviar is very nutritious for the skin as it contains iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and many vitamins including vitamin B2, vitamin A and vitamin D. It is also a


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