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August 2018

Creams for wrinkles, eye creams and other anti-aging products can help reduce the signs of aging, but they alone are not enough for a shiny and youthful skin. This is reported by the American Dermatological Society (AAD), which notes that women in their 40s and 50s who want an effective anti-aging regimen should start by adopting some basic good habits . The benefits of a combined approach, AAD experts say, are preventing skin spots, maintaining skin firmness for a longer time, reducing

Nothing is coincidental in this life. And certainly not the point where the pimples on your face popup. But let's take things from the beginning: unless you have laid on your face a foundation that expired 5 years ago, or if you slept with makeup, pimples emerge on our face for different reasons. And depending on the cause they also appear in different areas of the face. You know why some people have pimples on the forehead, others on the chin

Adequate water consumption is essential for good health, since water is involved in many functions of the body, from the regulation of internal temperature and digestion to brain and kidney function. What happens to the skin if we do not drink enough water? The body consists of about 60% of water and the replenishment of quantities lost with bodily functions and sweating is vital for our survival. Dehydration causes organic problems that in extreme cases can threaten life. But the skin

At last, summer is here for good. The temperatures rise, our mood changes and our evening walks are more often. The day is longer and our nights out are more. Many times it has occurred to me to look at my watch and be surprised at how fast the time has passed. Maybe in the summer I can sleep a little longer and some mornings my eyes are a little swollen. It is known that the eyes reveal your everyday life.

We say that "good things come in small packages". Something similar is also true for serums. A serum is smaller in size than a cream, but much more expensive. However, it is the most active cosmetic. Clinical research shows that, depending on its ingredients, it has more spectacular effects than a cream: it clears the fine lines faster, smooths deep wrinkles, tightens the skin, reduces discolorations and reduces signs of aging while giving you a glow you desire. In other

1. Start with a facial anti-aging product, as the parallel use of multiple products together can cause skin irritation and irritation adds years to your face, which you not only do not want, but you fight against! Keep it simple and use a face cream, an eye cream and a serum. This complete set will allow you to avoid overloading your skin with products! 2. Whether we are talking about anti-wrinkle eye creams or other anti-aging products, try it before you

Gold, diamond, pearl, caviar, skincare creams are adorned with high-end ingredients with supposedly saving virtues for our skin. Myth or reality ? We found out. "After a lot of hesitation, I finally fell in love with a caviar-based 24h Regenerating face cream from Caviar of Switzerland" says Valeria, 42. "A madness I do not regret, my skin has never been so beautiful." Real efficacy or placebo effect? In any case, these luxurious ingredients offer dreams and invite the awakening of the

As a source of vitamins and minerals, caviar extract has been shown to stimulate skin cells and minimize the appearance of pores with skin reconstruction. Recent scientific studies have shown that caviar extract promotes collagen production by 67%. Collagen, also known as "skin cement", is responsible for a durable, youthful skin. This means that caviar extract is known as a miraculous 'worker' of the skin for its quick and effective rejuvenation. Over time, many skin care products have been marketed, ranging from

Caviar: The luxurious food for the skin Oil extraction from one of the most expensive products in the world and incorporating them into a cream that gives life to the skin cells due to cellular cohesion between the skin and caviar. The cell structure of caviar is strikingly similar to that of the skin: 50 to 70 percent water and a similar percentage in the distribution of lipids, proteins and trace elements. It is very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2,


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